Ziploc Vacuum Sealed Storage Bag


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Create more space in this sealed storage.

It's likely your valuables will pile up, so you need one spacious storage like the Ziploc Vacuum Sealed Storage Bag for putting it all in a compressed pack. Our vacuum storage bag with a pump is best used for storing big blankets and clothes. You can use it when cleaning at home, moving to your new house or while travelling. Large and weighs as a feather, it frees up to 75% headroom by keeping your things inside a protected bag. Shop yours now!

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Product Specifications

  • High-Grade, Strong PA + PE Material
  • With Cap for Proper Sealing
  • Color: Transparent
  • Weight: Approximately 100g
  • Available in Small Bag (40x60cm), Regular Bag (50x70cm), Medium Bag (60x80cm), Large Bag (70x90cm), and Super-Size Bag (80x100cm)

All good things in the best pack. The Ziploc Vacuum Sealed Storage Bag has the capacity to hold every stuff while shielding it from elements. Reliable for cleaning and travel-proofing.

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