Soothing Glow Cool Mist Humidifier A028

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With a changing LED light similar to aurora as well as a big capacity water tank, this humidifier will protect you and your loved ones from dryness and breathing discomforts in wintertime while adding a style to your room.

Besides, this unique humidifier has dual mist nozzles, making the mist output adjustable. Enjoy the peaceful light and the moistened air for up to eight continuous hours.

Double Nozzles and Large Capacity
This humidifier has a 900ml water tank, which allows it to run continuously for a long time. The double nozzle design with a mist output up to 70ml/hr makes it more effective and powerful than single nozzle humidifiers.

Nanospray Technology
This diffuser has nanospray technology that delivers a great stream of ultra-fine mists to your room, which helps prevent skin dryness and chapped lips when you spend a long time in air-conditioned rooms or in wintertime.

Lightweight and Portable
While it has a huge capacity, this humidifier is relatively lightweight with a small footprint. It can be placed on any tables and easily taken with you when you are on a trip.

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