Skull Coffee Whiskey Shot Glass

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Serve a spooky sip!

Is your coffee or tea bare and boring? The premium Skull Whiskey Shot Glass adds a dose of peculiar prettiness to your concoctions! The angst stirs drama to your usual cup. Best as cool party decoration and a shot glass for all occasions. Use it in your coffee, cocktail, whiskey, and other drinks. Buy yours now!

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Product Specifications

Easy to clean
Material: Glass
Style: Skull, Creative
Color: Transparent
Design: Fine crystal takes a spooky 3D form in the shape of a detailed skull.
Durability: Strong mechanical strength and thermal shock temperature of strong performance.

Quench your inner quirk and sip from the Skull Whiskey Shot Glass. It will satisfy your whimsical self. Plus, it is ideal for gifting particularly during themed events and on Halloween. Spooky!

Have a shot of a glassful brewed style!

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