Retractable Windshield Blinds

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Made with high-quality aluminum material, this Retractable Windshield Blinds is fit for any car model.Ā ThisĀ upgraded sunshadeĀ can be stretched out to about 5-7 feet, and available in 4 sizes. Keep it mounted and folded at the side of your windshield when driving. No need to totally unmount like your regular sunshade. This productĀ reflects light and blocks heat --Ā maintaining a cool temperature inside your car.

  • Convenient to use.Ā No need to unmount and store after every use.Ā 
  • Slim design. Keep it folded at the side of your windshield without obstructing your view.
  • Pleated for smooth adjusting. Unlike the flat retractable sunshades, this blinds can be easily stretched across the windshield with zero chanceĀ of tearing or crumpling.
  • Stable mount-and-hold mechanism. The sunshade never falls off as you pull and retract. Its strong clip holder keeps an open sunshade in place.
  • Easy customization. The blinds can be shaped using a sharp scissor to perfect fit your carā€™s size and interiors.

Available Height Sizes: 46CM, 65CM, 70CM, 80CM

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