Mosquito Killer Cactus UV Lamp

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Lights on to buzz off mosquitoes!

With Mosquito Killer Cactus UV Lamp you will never worry about these insects again. Enjoy the protection and a calming sensation at home. Odorless and dust-free, the lamp emits an ultraviolet light that rids mosquitoes. Cactus style is functional and decorative. Get yours now!

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Product Specifications

  • Purple UV Light
  • Odorless & Dust-free 
  • USB Powered 
  • One-button Mechanism 
  • With a Removable Mosquito Storage Box

Material: Metal Lacquer Finish for a Polished Appearance

Inhalation - the airflow generated by the fan sucks the mosquito   

360° UV Violet Light Mosquito + 360° open air duct design increases air suction and coverage, making mosquito riding efficient.

The light against that mosquito bite! 

Cactus Decor, UV Night Lamp, and Mosquito Killer in 1 purchase!

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