Himalayan Salt Night Lamp Purifier

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Night Lamp + Air Purifier = Best Himalayan Salt Lamp

Our Himalayan Salt Night Lamp Purifier is not just a decorative lamp. It is multifunctional and has a lot of benefits in your home and office. It can help improve mood, release positive molecules that reduce depression and helps you sleep better

It has a warm adjustable glow light that calms the atmosphere. Buy now!

Himalayan Night Lamp Air PurifierBenefits of Himalayan Lamp

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Type: Night Light

Salt Rock Weight: approx 300g

Light Source: LED Bulbs

Power: Rechargeable Battery

Power Source: Power Outlet or USB Cable

Battery Capacity: 1200mAh (include)

This calming Himalayan Salt Night Lamp is what you need to boost your energy and prevent anxiety. You deserve a relaxing sleep at night. It is multifunctional and elegantly decorative.

Safe for kids and adults. Best for the whole family.

It improves your physical, mental, and emotional health.

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