Fireworks Waterfall Essential Diffuser - 7 Colors Effects

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This Aroma Waterfall Essential Diffuser has a stylish and delicate design, it is made of glass that would perfectly match your home office, room, or home decor.

This Aroma essential oil diffuser breaks down water into micro-particles which allows the Essential Oil to attach to water and be transmitted into the air, maximizing aromatherapy benefits with therapeutic mist.

Product Description:

  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Gorgeous 3D light effect: This ceramic diffuser has a 7-Color Changing LED light. AT night, when the lights are off, the light of this diffuser with a fireworks light effect will make a fascinating look thru its changing LED light colors in a dark room. This diffuser can also run without light if you want. And You can also select and set one single color for the oil diffuser’s lights. Definitely, it will be an excellent addition to your home decor via a vibrant 3D display effect. The
  • Intelligent Auto-Off Function: This aroma humidifier also automatically switches off when water is about to run out. This function ensures your safety, and a longer working life for itself rather than breaking down easily.
  • Whisper-Quiet: The essential Oil Diffuser operates with the ultrasonic technique, so it is extremely quiet. You’ll never be disturbed at work or while sleeping.
  • Timer function: This Oil Diffuser has a timer for you to set up diffusing time ( multiple options for timer setting – 1 hour,2 hours, or stay on).

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