Aroma Polar Bear Humidifier - 7 Mood Lights

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This Polar Bear USB humidifier is the perfect gift and useful for kid room essentials. It is designed with changing LED lights, it suits your daily use as a night light.

It does have 300ml water tank features which ensure a long running time.


Features of Polar Bear USB Oil Humidifier

Easy to Use and Clean
It is a one-button humidifier that is simple to use. You can refill the water by just simply removing the top cover. The humidifier can be easily clean as well by removing the top cover and wiping the empty water tank with a damped cloth.

Large Capacity and Long Runtime
This cute 300ml humidifier is efficient in saving your time from frequently refilling water into the water tank. This can last up to 12hours and provides a great output of extra fine mist.

A Convenient USB Charging Interface
This adorable humidifier has a USB port inclusion — this can be charged through a computer, laptop, and portable power source. It is also convenient to bring anywhere, even when you are away on a business trip.



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