About Us

Who We Are

For some people, getting their home/offices styled-up isn’t something they'd necessarily worry about. To those people, it probably doesn't make any difference. At Delancey USA however, we believe that although style being latent may not be completely exhumed, it can however be properly represented. On that note, Delancey USA was founded solely for the purpose of providing affordable yet premium home/office accessories with a touch of luxuriousness to those who appreciate the uniqueness of self-expression.

About Us

When it comes to decorating your space, almost anyone can become an instant decorator and start revamping just like a professional decorator would do. Sometimes, all it takes is simple knowledge of some little improvements and a suitable style that's pleasing to the eye.

However, not everyone is usually successfully at completely bringing their imagination to life. We've probably all been there and at this point, spending more money won't do the trick. What you need is help. And that's where we come in.

At Delancy USA, we take time to understand what you need and take equal time to provide those needs. For us, it's more than just setting things at the right spots; it's about helping you interpret your unique style and making that style fit perfectly with your space. More so we are affordable yet premium and a tad bit luxurious.

We aren’t just an online retail store dedicated to home and office decorations, we are much more. We provide premium and affordable home/office decorations that look premium and feel premium.


For most people, decorating simply is putting things in the right spot. For us however, we see things differently. Helping home and office owners fully express themselves without a want for quality of luxurious is our mission.


Our aim is to keep expanding in order to reach as much people as we can. Offering only the best home/office accessories to you at the right price.