• 7 Tips to Improve Desk Organization

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    Due to personal practices, office organization tends to be taken for granted. Some people think that even with messy workspace, one can still be able to get things done. To be honest, finishing things up despite the mess is indeed possible, however, working with an organized space could help you finish up easily and even do more.

    Most companies base the retention of their employees on their effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness pertains to the ability of a person to provide a high quality of results. On the other hand, efficiency is being able to achieve maximum productivity with a minimum effort or time exerted.

    Effectiveness entirely relies on the person. The quality of the work will depend on the knowledge and ability of the person to fulfill a certain task. Gladly, for efficiency, there are some things that you can do in order to improve it, and that is what we are going to provide you.

    Set-up Your Computer

    Companies have already made their move towards modernization brought about by technology. This is the reason why they are used to issue computers and laptops for their employees. Having these technological items is very useful in terms of providing comfort in completing tasks, but it can’t be denied that having a clear desk can be quite tricky.

    The first thing we would like to point out is that you need to position your computer in a way that you can stay focused but at the same time be relaxed. For your cable wires, it is imperative that you have cable ties to ensure that they do not go out of place. It also helps when you use Delancey USA’s Premium Leather Desk Mat to keep a professional-looking desk.

    Keep Most Used Things Near Your Dominant Hand

    It has been proven that it is easier to accomplish tasks when the dominant hand is used. This is why when you start organizing, you should ensure that the items you usually use to complete a task are near your dominant hand.

    It will help a lot when you have desk organizers such as our 2-tier stackable tray, magazine holder, letter sorter, and pen holder. Having desk organizers will allow you to put things in their rightful place without looking out of place or just being messy in general.

    Practice Keeping Things You Need

    Sometimes, the thing that crowds a desk space is your personal belongings. Yes, it is good to keep some pictures of your family or inspiration in your desk but you can do it without consuming too much space that it hinders you from doing work.

    For example, you can use special tapes or push pins to dedicate a certain spot in your wall to put up those photos. There are also hanging frames that you can use if you want to create a more formal look. This way, you’ll be able to have wider and more workable desk space.

    Clean Your Files Regularly

    There are companies wherein their policy involves purging documents once it has been used or a specific number of days after the work has been delivered. Being able to clean up files that aren’t used anymore will contribute a lot in keeping your workspace free from unnecessary clutter.

    In order for you to successfully do this, we encourage you to keep a schedule. It can be very tedious to purge documents one by one, so instead of doing so, you can do it by batch. Have a day per week or month to clean up. You can also do this for your desktop files to avoid the computer from performing slow. In due time, it will become a routine and you’ll find yourself doing it regularly.

    Try to Color Code

    Color coding may be a tedious thing to do but it is a very effective technique. Being able to group your files depending on its urgency will allow you to prioritize. This would mean that there are no more missed deadlines or forgotten tasks.

    Colorful tapes or folders can be used for this. Pick colors which you can easily remember. For example, red is normally associated with danger, you can use it to mark something that is urgent. On another hand, green and blue can be tagged as neutral or chill which would mean that it’s not due to be submitted any time soon.

    Group Similar Items

    One of the things that would allow a person to move faster is if they know exactly where they have placed their things. The ability to navigate through the type of documents you have with ease can drastically help you especially when you try to rush through things.

    Using Delancey USA’s items like their 2-tier Stackable Paper Tray could allow you to sort through incoming and outgoing papers. The letter sorter would be able to let you group the items based on what their purpose it or for which work it is for. You can also use the gold magnetic clip holder to keep things intact.

    Re-Evaluate Your Organizational Choices

    It is possible that you don’t get to figure out the right arrangement right away. Because of this possibility, you need to re-evaluate how you’ve organized your desk periodically. If you feel like there’s still something you can do to allow yourself to move freer and make work easier, do it.

    If there is a need for you to rethink how you group the documents, the colors you used to identify deadline urgencies, shuffle it once in a while. Although, we won’t recommend for you to do it every month since you might get confused about where you’ve put the files instead of being able to easily navigate through.

    To become the best in your workplace, you need to always be at your best. One thing that you can do is to ensure that you deliver your job in the highest quality possible and hopefully with a shorter time spent. Companies are very concerned with the value that their employees give to their company, and efficiency is one of the most common measures that they employ.

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