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In this technological time, working with a laptop is the most common and efficient way to accomplish tasks related to work.  However, studies show that people who are more exposed work using laptops and desktops have a higher risk of health problems.

If you are looking for ways to prevent such risk, maybe it’s time for you to shift to a stand-up office desk instead of the conventional sit-down desk. The reason for this is that experts claim to have reduced the health risk due to the change in a person’s working space.

To elaborate on that, here are some of the health benefits that one could get from using a stand-up office desk:

Prevents Eye Strain and Neck Pain

Eye strain is caused by the inappropriate leveling of the eye while using a laptop while neck pain is caused by crouching when using the laptop. When you opt for a stand-up laptop desk, you will be able to keep your device at an eye level, thus preventing the strain. On the other hand, since you don’t have to crouch down anymore, neck and back pain surely is out of the question.

Improvement of Posture

As previously mentioned, when you sit down at work, you tend to hunch back in order to reach for your laptop when it’s not on your eye level. Now, when you make use of a stand-up office desk you will have the chance to straighten out your back, thus, improving your posture.

In addition to that, sitting down for an extended period of time could cause posterior pelvic tilt, a state where your bottom sticks out while standing. Standing up more often helps improve the core muscle strength in your body helping your body support a better posture.


Increased Energy Levels

When you sit all day looking at your laptop, your mind and body easily feel the fatigue. Experts agree that for every hour you spend working, you should go for a 15-min walk or at least some other activity that requires you to stand up. This will keep your blood flowing, thus, making you awake and alert leading to a more productive day at the office.

If you opt for a standing office desk instead, it would be easier for you to stay awake and keep your focus on the work that you still need to finish. If you feel like it could strain you if you stand up for a longer period, then you might want to consider options regarding the types of standing desks which will be elaborated further in this article.


Even if you take regular exercise it will not be able to compensate the risks that sitting down for an entire day and more. Your body needs additional movements during the day to attain the peak of your fitness and that can only be achieved if you stand up at regular intervals during office hours.                                                                                      Moreover, standing burns more than 30% calories per hour as compared to when you are sitting thus fighting the chances of weight gain and obesity. It also helps moderate insulin levels which prevent diabetes. Other things that slow down due to this change in your lifestyle include cholesterol and blood pressure levels avoiding the possibility of heart disease and, in extreme cases, stroke.

Tips on Standing Desk Set-Up


If you are pretty much convinced of how standing desks can affect your lifestyle, here are some tips that you should live by if you plan on pursuing a set-up like it:

Adjusting Desk Space

So the process starts with adjusting the items in your desk space. For example, your screen monitor should be tilted away from you at an angle that is approximately 20 degrees. If such tilted degree is not appropriate for you, you may choose to adjust so that it could be at your eye-level. For the table, its height should approximate your elbows or at a height slightly below it.

Use of Anti-Fatigue Mats

Urvigor, Not-Flat Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat for Stand Up Desk

Of course, not everyone will be able to withstand 2 hours or more of continuous standing which is the reason why anti-fatigue mats exist. For some time now, experts have noted the reduction of tiredness and discomfort which is associated with standing for over 2 hours.

With the structure of the mat, your body is encouraged to make even the littlest movement that you can muster so that your leg muscles could feel alive again. When this happens, blood flow is improved and the overall discomfort is eliminated, or at least reduced, later on.

Arm Supports

In order to reduce fatigue in the area, an item which is made out of soft padding is encouraged to be used. There have been instances where an employee’s hand was strained due to the repetitive motion in using the mouse and this is what arm support wants to fight.

Take Regular Breaks

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Even with the fact that standing desks are healthier than sit-down desks, you still need to have your own little breaks. Stretch out a little, go out for a walk, and renew your vigor to work. This is the best way to improve your productivity. Because even if you do all of these things but you’re too stressed out to work, you won’t be able to attain anything at all.


Technically speaking, standing desks falls under the ergonomic workspace category. If you can remember from our previous blog post, ergonomics is the study of human capabilities and limitation and how one can relate it to what they use in their daily lives.

Making up your own standing desks still requires the use of ergonomic tools and accessories such as the anti-fatigue mat and desk risers which just proves how important ergonomics is to the lives of the people especially those who are working in an office.

Investing in these accessories might be intimidating at first because of its price. But, wouldn’t it also be considered saving when you are preventing sickness or a disease penetrate your body by taking care of it through your office habits?


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    Wow! just love the blog. Standing desks are the future of work and health. It may look Odd but we’ll get used to it and it will become our lifestyle in the future. Our eyes, hands, legs, brain and whole body is involved when we do work. I’m currently using Daytona from UnitedCanadaInc.com and they’re offering free shipping too So that’s great if anyone considering the pricing and ergonomic gadget.

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