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What is Ergonomics?

 Ergonomics is a branch of science which deals with learning about what humans can do and what limitations they have in order to design products, system, and even an environment that could improve our well-being. With this, the use of ergonomic tools and accessories in our lives could help increase productivity and, most importantly, minimize the risk of being exposed to injury or harm.

Why Is it Important?

 Did you know how much companies spend on their employees for health insurance every year? A lot! That’s because there are a lot of health problems that can be associated with working in an office like back pains and metacarpal syndrome. By using these tools, you can avoid having this type of cases.

Building the Perfect Workstation


In order to achieve the perfect station that would increase your efficiency and effectivity as an employee and at the same time make it look cool and classy, you need to find the right accessories to go with it. However, it is not enough that you pick whatever you feel would look good on your space, here are some accessories you should have that are both ergonomic and posh.

Arm Monitor

An arm monitor doesn’t just keep a tidy workspace, it also helps keep our monitors at eye level. Do you know why it is important to keep it that way? It’s because, when the monitor is not placed right, our eyes will have to adjust to it, thus straining it. So, instead of our eyes making the adjustment, why don’t we adjust the monitor instead?

Ergonomic Chair

As mentioned in the previous post, an ergonomic chair is a type of chair which has been designed to bring support to the back of the user. People who work with computers tend to have a lot of problem with their back pains and since ergonomic chair support our lumbar system, it will prevent our backs from hurting too much.

Keyboard Tray

Metacarpal syndrome is developed by straining the hands due to repetitive movements. When you work in an office, you can’t avoid but doing such things. When you use a keyboard tray, you will be able to adjust it in a way that’s more comfortable to you, and in extension, avoiding the development of such disease.

Ergonomic Mouse

In order to avoid hand injuries and discomforts, an ergonomic mouse is strategically made to help our hands relaxed while working on our daily tasks.


How do We Choose the Right Accessories?

With the number of companies claiming to have produced such accessories that protect the well-being of their customers, it is imperative that we, as buyers, develop our own guidelines in order to know which accessory among all available in the market is suitable for you.

Below are the things that you need to keep an eye on before buying an accessory that would fit your workspace:



It is highly important for an accessory and equipment to function the way it’s supposed to because if it couldn’t live up to it, then it would just serve as a decoration, or worse, end up being junk. Since this is also a form of investment, you’d want to be careful with regards to the things that you are buying. Make sure that every time you buy, you check the specifications of such product so that you could evaluate whether it will be good for its purpose.

Functionality also encompasses flexibility. A good ergonomic accessory will be able to adjust to the needs of your body. Take for example an ergonomic chair, such chair must be adjustable to fit your height body height and the elevation that you want.


Part of making your workspace the perfect fit for you is to set it up to look the way you want to. By having a general theme for your workspace, it will look more organized and very attractive which does not only affect your creativity, but also influences the improvement of your productivity. Look for products that are both functional but has a good style.                                                                                                                                                                 Also, try to go for space-saving equipment and accessories. This will help achieve a maximize office desk space but at the same time will be able to hold more supplies. Again, ensuring that you will be able to achieve a desk space that will help you achieve an efficient workflow.


Have you heard of the saying, “less is more”? This saying suggests that there are more things that you can achieve when you keep your surroundings with minimal things. The reason for this is because when you tend to fill up your desk with unnecessary things, there is a tendency that it makes things look messy, thus, distracting you from doing the tasks that you are meant to do. Only buy accessories that you need, you can reserve your drive to decorate in your own bedroom or your own house.


Since ergonomic furniture and accessories take quite a lot of time to be produced because of the process that it has to go through, like learning about the habits and limitations of a person, most of them have high costs. Although it does not mean that the more expensive the product is, the more appropriate it is for your use, we would like to emphasize that if the price is too good to be true for what the product’s worth, then it probably is.


All in all, the things mentioned regarding how to choose the right Ergonomic accessories for you will require you to do your own research. Seek company and product reviews as well as pieces of advice from friends and people who have purchased the same product or dealt with the same supplier or brand. This is the only way to ensure that the functionality and aesthetics that it claims to provide have already been proven and the cost of it is appropriate in relation to what such tool and accessory can provide to you, the user of the product.


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